Types of Organisation

There are many types of charitable and not for profit organisations, with many different titles used to describe the organisations.

However, regardless of title, it is the underlying organisation that determines its structure. It is easy to identify what the organisation is by looking at whatever the trustees/directors/management committee refer to at times of uncertainty over voting and rights of management, etc.

Regardless of title the organisation itself will fall into one of 6 categories; 5 of these will be classed as “limited” and one “unlimited”. The difference between these categories is to do with the personal liability of those running the organisation.

If the organisation is an unincorporated organisation then the liability of those running it is unlimited. This means that each person is jointly and severally liable with the organisation for its debts and can face personal claims for each and every single debt.

The other organisations provide protection from liability for the debts of the organisation.

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